A huge THANK YOU to everyone who made it out to the opening of our show on the 20th! Also a huge thank you to out caterers at Valentinas, Justin for photographing the event, Tara for helping serve the drinks and Gallery1313 for having us!!

Of course THANK YOU to all the artists who put so much hard work into their art for the show! GREAT SUCCESS! CHEERS! ★☆★☆


Photos by Justin Eastman!


Fabletown and Beyond

Fellow artist Megan Hendricks and I attended Fabletown and Beyond this weekend in Rochester, Minnesota. We had an amazing time and met so many fabulous people. It was very intimate, and everyone who came was a massive fan of Fables. It was really for comic nerds. Fingers crossed for next year!
...And I paid my speeding ticket in the Bicycle Capital of America, Wisconsin. +_+


FablesCon Road Trip

After a 14 hour road trip, full of horrendous singing, Megan Hendricks and I made it to Rochester with only one speeding ticket.

They have been super sweet to us, and we are loving our trip so far.

If you happen to be at this con, come chat with us. We can draw you immature things for giggles.

Also, don’t miss our Sunday panel at 10 am, A Stroll Down Artist’s Boulevard, hosted by Fables writer Sean E. Williams, with artists Fiona Meng, and Tyler Walpole.

Toronto Comic Con

I’m at Toronto Comic Con today, with my studio mates, the Comic Book Embassy. Come say hi! :)


Kult Magazine

While I was visiting friends in Singapore, I did an illustration for the Singaporean magazine, Kult.

The Fairy Mobile

This is the fairy mobile I did for the NZ TV show Go Girls. It was awesome to see my art on this goofy, little pink car. My awesome production coordinator Cathy and I drove around town in full giggle mode. It even has a disco ball. Art is much better when it’s BIG!


You can briefly see it in action below at 1:52. Go Girls, which is now being adapted into a US version by ABC.

Illustration Friday - K'Road Group Show

This is a fun show we did last August. So many people showed up and it was packed until closing. Probably the free booze. :)

Photos courtesy of Zara Sigglekow